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PrestigΓ© University is our first award-winning school portal for colleges, universities and other higher institutions. PrestigΓ© University is built with a typical college system in mind. It is designed to aid the smooth running of all the important operations carried out within the college. PrestigΓ© University is specifically designed for:

  • Universities (Public and Private)
  • College of Education / Technology and the likes
  • Polytechnics
  • Other higher institutions.

PrestigΓ© University is developed and efficiently crafted with the latest technologies to help the college performs the following important tasks and functions:

Manage the entire admission process, process application forms, admission letter, upload admission list with scratch card and many more.

Students Registration
Manage online registration for new and returning students. Personal data, acceptance, course registration, and other registrations automated (for carry-over courses)

Student Information System
Create and maintain detailed student profiles, generate registration numbers or matriculation numbers and correlate information from other modules.

Course Management
Manage sessions, terms, semesters etc. Create and manage programmes, departments and faculties. Define the credits, hours and sections, etc

Time Table Management
Create and manage student time tables.

Library Management
Robust system that takes care of all library systems and maintains track record of books quantity, book borrowed, books returned, etc

Voucher/Scratch Card
Create and manage voucher and PINs that can be used for scratch cards. Sell scratch cards for fees, post UME, registration, etc.

E-Mail Notification
Keep everyone up-to-date with instant email notifications. Send emails for admission of students and acceptance of prospective student applications.

Data Backup
One click data backup system to backup your contents, configurations and database to prevent data loss whenever and wherever you are . . . .

Multi Admin
Multi access level for back end administrator: Account admin, dept admin, news reporter, Library admin, etc with restrictions.

Dynamic System
Dynamic Matriculation/Registration Number Generator, Dynamic ID card print sheet generator, Dynamic report slip print sheet generator.

Other Important Features

  • Customized admission messages in Emails (Using a Templating Engine)
  • Customized Language settings (Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa and French inclusive)
  • Built using AJAX technology (JSON) to ensure greater SECURITY controls across browsers and computer systems
  • ENCRYPTED Passwords in database
  • PRINT – EXCEL – PDF functionalities included
  • Brilliant Webpage Flows
  • Excellent Sorting and Searching Algorithms
  • And much more.

PrestigΓ© University is built on a framework that is both robust and scalable. It can accommodate new modules and plugins to extend its basic functionalities and operations. Modules like learning management system for real-time distant learning can be integrated seamlessly into the portal. Others include payment integrations, Smart Bulk SMS messaging integration, and a few others.

PrestigΓ© University Screenshots Are shown below.

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